On Xiaomi in China sued for false advertising

Recently presented smartphone Xiaomi Mi 5 and Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus got NFC-enabled payment system Mi Pay. And if our market is a completely useless feature, in China it is very interesting as it allows, for example, to pay the fare in public transport.

Actually, it turned out that Mi Pay so need buyers of brand new flagships, the Xiaomi sued. And all because initially the feature is unavailable on devices and the company promised to activate it with a stable version of MIUI 8, the output of which was scheduled for the end of October. But it is now mid-November, and things are there.

Without waiting for the appearance of the promised functions, one of the owners of the smartphone 5S Plus Mi November 1, decided to return the device and demand a refund and compensation for moral damages due to false advertising. Xiaomi refused to return the funds, after which the user is sued. If the court will side with the buyer, it can create uncomfortable for manufacturers of precedent and they will have to think carefully before promising something to your customers.

As for the exact version of MIUI 8, it is expected before the end of this year.



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