On the site KickStarter began fundraising for the issue lens 35mm Citograph

On the website collective financing KickStarter began fundraising for the issue of Citograph 35mm lens, the first image of which appeared a few days ago.

A lens with a focal length of 35 mm and a fixed aperture of F/8 focused at the hyperfocal distance, so that sharp images are obtained of all the objects located at a distance of not less than 3 m from the camera. Optical scheme Citograph 35mm consists of four elements in three groups.

According to the creators Citograph 35mm, lens changes the approach to photography, because there is no need to change the aperture and focus. It is sufficient to set auto ISO, and can be removed. Angle field of view lens provides a natural transmission of the prospects close to how the world is visible to the naked eye.

Note that the same result can be obtained with any lens where you can choose the focal length 35 mm, aperture F/8 and focus at hyperfocal distance.

The advantages of 35mm Citograph include a very small size: the diameter of the lens is 58 mm, length 23 mm., the Planned release of varieties for cameras Nikon, Canon, Sony, Leica M, and Fujifim cameras the Micro Four Thirds system.

Minimal fee, allowing hope for the lens is $249. Shipment of lenses due to begin in March 2018. At the time of writing news collected approximately $24 000, and only need to collect at least $30 000. Fundraising will continue for another 20 days.

Source: KickStarter


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