On the roads of Las Vegas appeared unmanned bus

The French company Navya-launched unmanned bus in Las Vegas. Apparently, this is the first vehicle of its kind in this city.

Of course, as in all other cases, this is a test project. It will last until January 20. All these days in the area of Fremont East will be running the unmanned bus, designed for 12 passengers. It moves through a relatively short route on public roads. The funny thing is that the Network is already possible to find a video where people ride on this transport, which shows that the police restrict traffic on the road on which moves the bus. And this press release does not say, moreover, referred to street traffic.

In addition, the cabin has operator performs some function, but moves the bus itself. By the way, for travel in a driverless bus fee are not taken.

The bus travels at a speed of only 19 km/h, but because of the length of the route and the purpose of the test is not so important.



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