On the roads of Helsinki will be full of unmanned buses

The emergence of fully Autonomous vehicles are expected in 2020. Of course, this market will grow relatively slowly and very unevenly. One of the important aspects of its development — legislation. In each country it is different.

For example, in Finland the law there is no direct reference to the fact that driving a vehicle should always sit driver. It is allowed to bring on the road to Helsinki unmanned buses. And we are not talking about a dedicated track, and the normal city road.

Until mid-September, the district Hernesaari will run a few of unmanned buses in the framework of the test program. They will travel at an average speed of about 10 km/h, which should help to avoid an accident. In the future, the project will develop, is unclear. But such tests are by far closer to the full implementation of unmanned vehicles in usual life.



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