On the issue of ultralight jackets, heated, capable of charging mobile devices has already been collected five times more money than was planned

On the website collective financing Kickstarter is raising funds to release ultra-light rainproof jacket-heated, capable of charging mobile devices. According to the creators of the garment with such remarkable properties, it only weighs 80 g (obviously, excluding the mass of the battery).

The heating elements are positioned on the chest and back, and also around pockets. The power of the heaters provides a battery capacity of 10 600 mA∙h. As stated, it the charge lasts for 15 hours.

The battery can be used not only as power supply of the heating elements, but also for charging mobile devices. The jacket can be the washing machine and dry it in the dryer. Offered two versions: for men and for women.

The authors of the project hoped to collect at least $20 000. At the time of writing the news collected more than $100,000. The first participants of the campaign could reserve the right to receive the jacket without the battery for $99. Jacket with battery cost them $139. Fundraising will continue for another 41 days.

By the way, the creators of the jackets already have the experience of successful projects on Kickstarter. The production of such jackets was previously collected $1 330 293 on the sleeping bag with a heated — $164 262, miniature wallet — $228 149.

Source: Kickstarter


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