On the issue of mobile power source Pi18650 HAT for Raspberry Pi single Board computer assembled in 10 more than it was planned

Yesterday on the website KickStarter completed the fundraising for the production of mobile power supply Pi18650 HAT for Raspberry Pi single Board computer. The campaign was successful — the authors of the project managed to attract 10 more than it was planned. However, the goal they set very modest — to collect about $600, so more the financial side of the project, and technical.

Module Pi18650 HAT connects to the pin connector of the Raspberry Pi with 26 or 40 contacts. It provides Autonomous operation of the microcomputer, using as power source a lithium-ion battery 18650. The Board has charger for battery and a connector to connect the wifi module ESP8266 (ESP-01) that provides remote monitoring and integration to the cloud. There is another connector allows you to connect the next module on top HAT Pi18650.

The module is designed for input voltage up to 16 V and includes input and micro-USB. Load capacity built-in charger — 1A, the power supply circuit to the Raspberry Pi — 3 A. there is a state control of the battery over the I2C interface. The three-way switch on the Board allows you to turn on and off the Raspberry Pi, to enable charging. The module can play the role of a backup power source during operation of the microcomputer from an AC adapter or solar battery.

Source: Kickstarter


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