On the issue of «eternal notebook,» Rocketbook Everlast collected 10 times more money than was planned

On the website Kickstarter is raising funds for the release of «eternal notebook,» Rocketbook Everlast. At the time of writing the news stated goal of $26 000 was exceeded by more than 10 times, meanwhile, fundraising will continue for another 36 days. One notebook the authors of the project estimated at $34.

For this amount in April 2017, you will receive a notebook of special paper with markings and symbols at the bottom of the pages. To write and draw in the notebook is offered pens Pilot Frixion series (one included). The ink is fully dry in about 15 seconds. Written can be digitized using the mobile device and the app, and then wipe with a damp cloth. In this case, the pages are left a trace, even if the image remains unerased two months. Pages are made of waterproof plastic. Allegedly, the feeling in the letter are the same as when writing on paper.

Images shot with the camera of the mobile device are processed.

Noting that there were some icons at the bottom of the page, you can automatically send the processed image by one of seven directions, including a Dropbox folder and email address.

Like Notepad Rocketbook Wave, which we described in March, characterized in that the image on the page is erased in the microwave. According to the authors of the project, pages Rocketbook Wave remnants of the old images are visible already after five wipes. In turn, notebook Rocketbook Everlast can be used almost indefinitely (more than 1000 cycles).

Source: Kickstarter


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