On the eve of the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S8 LG showed the media how to test batteries LG G6

The announcement of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8, which should finally bring back public confidence after the debacle of the Galaxy Note7, will be held tomorrow. By the way, Samsung has already confirmed that it will be selling refurbished Galaxy Note7, but now not about it.

Another South Korean company LG has invited journalists to the factory LG Digital Park, which area is 640 thousand m2. It employs about 10 thousand people who participate in the production of smartphones, as well as solutions for smart home and automotive industry.

In particular, the emphasis during the tour was made on the production of smartphones LG G6. LG employees showed how exposed the batteries of smartphones before you get into devices that will be in stores.

In one of the test batteries is pierced with sharp objects (imitation of procosa Pets), another is a smartphone with a height of 61 m is reset at a weight of 9.1 kg. In both cases, the batteries nothing happens. Also provided is a test where the batteries are placed in the fire. Engineers carefully study the injuries that occur in the fall of smartphones to eliminate the risk of fire LG G6 with subsequent damage to the users.

«We are very picky about the testing process of batteries, because today there is a growing concern about the safety of users, — said Lee Seok-Jeong (Lee Seok-jong) from LG. Every day we produce 50 thousand smartphone LG G6″.

LG G6, which is already sold in Korea, will go on sale in the U.S. and Europe in April.

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