On the assessment of IC Insights, in this year capital investment in the semiconductor market will grow not less than on 20%

IC Insights analysts tried to predict the capital investment in semiconductor production this year, starting from the data for the previous year and the first half of this year. According to them, growth may amount to 20-27%. The exact value depends on the actions of the company Samsung, which is the industry leader in capital investments.

In the first quarter, capital expenditures fall off somewhat compared to the previous quarter, but second quarter growth was resumed, and in absolute terms it reached the record value of 23.5 billion dollars. Total in the first half in semiconductor manufacturing was invested 48% more than the year before.

At Samsung Semiconductor in the first half accounted for 11.0 billion, or a quarter of all capital investment in the industry. The South Korean manufacturer is in no hurry to talk about their plans for the current half-year. According to analysts, this may be due to the fact that Samsung doesn’t want to shock the industry is still a great indicator.

The forecast is based on the assumption that Samsung will distribute investment evenly by semester, gives importance to the industry as a whole for 2017 85.4 billion dollars that on 27% more than last year. A more modest estimation corresponds to the allocation by the South Korean manufacturer $ 15 billion. In this case, the growth will be 20%.

Company TSMC in the first half of the volume of capital investment took second place to plan for their reduction. More specifically, in the first half of TSMC allocated for the development of the basic means of production of $ 6.8 billion, and in the current semester will allocate 3.2 billion dollars.

Intel, in the first half losing by TSMC with an index of 4.7 billion dollars, has a chance to return to second place, because it had previously announced plans to allocate this year, $ 12 billion. It is easy to calculate that the implementation of the plan required in this semester to develop 7.3 billion dollars.



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