On the Apple again sued for fraud in reporting

As you know, two years ago Toshiba was at the center of the scandal reporting. Within six years of leadership, Toshiba has managed to overstate operating income in total of $ 1.2 billion.

When the fraud was discovered, the Japanese manufacturer had to resort to restructuring and the sale of certain assets to remedy the situation and to cover the huge shortage. But to put an end to the scandal did not help even the change of CEO in may last year.

Today, the company announced a new lawsuit filed by a group of investors. They require as compensation of the damage caused by fraud, 399 million dollars.

The manufacturer intends to reserve additional funds in the calculation of the claim.

In total from the time when the Japanese company admitted to falsifying reports, individual investors and groups against it filed 26 lawsuits in the amount of 985 million dollars.

Sources: Toshiba, Reuters



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