On iPhone X more than 5.5 million pre-orders

As reported by DigiTimes, China mobile iPhone X and more than one million pre-orders, and the total worldwide already decorated more than 5.5 million pre-orders for the new Apple.

It is obvious that the iPhone X will be very popular, and Apple for several months to sell as many smartphones as you can to let her partners in contract manufacturing.

The Asia-Pacific region should, according to the analysts, be one of those where the iPhone X will not enjoy great popularity. The reason is not that the people of the region are not interested in innovation. The fact that the iPhone X here will cost about $ 200 more than the United States. This pricing policy will alienate many potential buyers, experts say.

Analysts in one voice say that the demand for the iPhone X will be eliminated with the proposal not earlier than the first quarter of next year.

The beginning of sales iPhone X in many countries of the world will be held this Friday.



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