ON Geekbench indicates the presence in the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 of the old platform Qualcomm but the test results don’t match

Looks like Xiaomi will switch to using the platform Qualcomm in the smartphone Redmi Note 5. ON Geekbench indicates that the heart of this model will serve SoC Snapdragon 617.

Recall that the model Redmi Note 4 is based on MediaTek Helio X20, but in India the device under this name was based on the Snapdragon 625. He later came on other markets under the name of Redmi Note 4X.

Thus, the use of a rather old Snapdragon 617 seems rather strange. However, it is worth noting that if this indicates the presence of six cores in this system on a chip that does not correspond to reality, so it is likely that the new Xiaomi will gain a more modern platform. Alluded to it in the testing results that do not meet performance Snapdragon 617.

RAM in the test machine was 3 GB, and as OS, made Android 7.1.2.



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