ON Facebook still reduces the autonomy of smartphones

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. Revenue for the quarter already exceeds $ 5 billion, and net profit amounts to $ 1.5 billion, judging by recent quarters.

With all this, the company still can not optimize your app for Facebook Messenger. About the problems with excessive «engorgement» FOR the different resources reported in 2013, and then this topic was raised several times.

According to the source, the problem never happened. Apps Facebook Facebook Messenger and still have a negative impact on productivity and autonomy of smartphones.

This time experts of the Tech World Zone with Nexus 6P has determined that the application deletion Facebook increases the average operation time from a single charge by about 20%. In addition, the speed of the smartphone is also increased.

And, interestingly, is IN itself a social network is not a major consumer of energy, although shows some excessive activity in the background. However, in the case of Facebook apps on your smartphone, for whatever reason, increases the consumption of system processes Android Framework and Android OS.

Facebook commented on the situation, noting that she had heard of several such cases, and examines the problem.



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