On edition full-color backlight for the toilet are collected in a $ 180,000 USD

The site of collective financing KickStarter gives the opportunity to see what interests consumers. Not always it’s cutting-edge and technically sophisticated product. Success can befall a rather prosaic device. For example, full-color led backlighting for the toilet IllumiBowl 2.0, the creators of which have already collected 18 times more funds than expected: more than 180 000 dollars instead of the declared as the goal of $ 10,000. The fundraiser will be over in three days.

As you can see by the marking, the novelty is an improved version of the original device. It was released two years ago. For two years the developers have been able to improve the mount, add three-step dimmer and smooth transitions from one color to another. The colors change continuously, but the user may at any time stop the process, fixing the shade, especially dear to his heart. Or other authority.

Device IllumiBowl 2.0 is powered by three AAA. To not consume the food waste, the backlight turns on automatically at night when motion is detected.

The price of the product is 10$. Note that the shipment is expected to begin in December.

Source: KickStarter


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