On Amazon iPhone X sell for several thousand dollars

The standard price for smartphone X iPhone with 64 GB of flash memory in the U.S. is $ 999. The version with 256 GB of flash memory available for order at a price of $ 1149.

Sales of the device begin today, but not everyone will be able to find them in stores for free access. Especially for determined fans, who are experiencing financial constraints and are ready to please themselves at any cost, today intensified the dealers.

On the website Amazonе can already find quite a lot of suggestions on query X iPhone, here only the price at the dealers is much higher. For example, one vendor offers a 64-Gigabyte version for $ 3499, and the older version is available for $ 4499.

Meanwhile, Apple is gradually increasing the rate of production of smartphones, promising soon to release a huge batch of iPhone X. And when ordering on the official website you receive a notice that the wait for send will have 3-4 weeks instead of 5-6 weeks as it was a few days ago.



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