OmniVision offers three reference sample dual cameras for smartphones

According to the forecast of the analytical company Yolé Developpement, the share of mobile devices with dual cameras to 2020 will reach 20%.

OmniVision, the company that submitted the image sensors OV12A10 and OV12A1B for dual cameras smartphone, at the same time suggested the reference samples of the camera module, showing how you can dispose of the possibilities of these sensors.

There are three reference sample.

One used colored OV12A10 sensor resolution 12 Megapixel monochrome sensor OV12A1B a resolution of 12 MP and two of the same lens. This combination allows to increase the resolution and signal-to-noise ratio, improved operation in low light conditions.

The second module includes OV12A10 sensor OV13880 a resolution of 13 megapixels, wide angle lens and telephoto lens. This combination provides 10x zoom.

Finally, a combination of OV12A10 and OV20381 monochrome sensor resolution 20 MP is used to obtain the digital zoom and increase the light sensitivity while maintaining the small thickness of the module.

Described reference samples is already available for order.

Source: OmniVision



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