OLED monitor Dell UP3017Q cancelled due to insufficient quality of the image

A year ago at CES 2016, Dell has introduced a unique monitor UP3017Q. He was 30-inch OLED panel and is priced at $ 5,000. The monitor was supposed to go on sale in March, then terms have been shifted for indefinite time and the device never showed up.

According to the source, and will not appear. It is stated that at CES 2017 Dell representatives have confirmed that the monitor has been cancelled and will not be released to the market. The reason lies in the quality of the image. Recall that we were promised coverage of 97.8% color space DCI-P3, and 100 per cent coverage of AdobeRGB. Apparently, Dell was not able to achieve the desired results, and to market the just monitor with OLED panel, asking him for $ 5,000, would be unwise.

Against this background, under the threat may be novelty last CES 2017. The first monitor with a resolution of 8K — Dell UltraSharp UP3218K is also unique and is also worth $ 5,000. And for him the company also declared the highest standards of image quality. However, this monitor uses LCD panel, so that the reasons to worry about potential buyers still less.



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