Off the coast of Scotland earned the world’s first floating wind farm

The power grid in Scotland to receive electricity produced by the world’s first floating wind farm Hywind Scotland. An array of five turbines with a total capacity of 30 MW, which is operated by Statoil and Masdar, located 25 kilometers from the shore near the town of Peterhead. Allegedly, the generators Hywind Scotland can provide electricity for approximately 20,000 households.

The height of each windmill is 253 meters, out of which 78 is below the surface. The rotor diameter is 154 m. the construction is held place multiple anchors and heavy chains. Wind turbines designed for placement in areas with a depth of 800 m. they can be used to operate air flow, is not available for such power plants, is located on things. According to experts, up to 80% of the «wind resources» sea is for areas with depths over 60 m.

In the future Statoil and Masdar plan to Supplement the battery power Batwind with a capacity of 1 MWh, which will smooth out the irregularity of generation.


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