Of AMOLED panel will be used in every second smartphone in three years

As reported by DigiTimes, this year, the share of AMOLED panels in smartphones will increase to 27.6%, and by 2020 every second smartphone is used like a display.

Leading supplier of AMOLED panels Samsung Display is. In 2016, it was shipped about 350 million AMOLED displays. The most successful manufacturer still Samsung Electronics, however, the Chinese company Oppo Vivo and increased the total share of the market to 20%.

Huawei Technologies, Xiaomi Technology, Gionee, Meizu have also started the production of smartphones with AMOLED panels. This year Apple will release the iPhone 8 with such a display. This year, the main buyers of AMOLED panels produced by Samsung Display will be Samsung Electronics and Apple.

Chinese EverDisplay Optronics, Tianma Micro-electronics and BOE Technology, as well as LG Display, Sharp and Japan Display are also expanding the production of AMOLED screens to meet the growing demand in the market.

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