Oculus, its co-founder and former CEO will pay ZeniMax $ 500 million

Litigation between the companies Oculus and ZeniMax ended. The lawsuit was filed by ZeniMax back in 2014. In it, the company Oculus and its founder Palmer Lucky (Palmer Luckey) were accused of violating non-disclosure agreements and misappropriation of trade secrets. ZeniMax demanded for all $ 6 billion.

Ultimately, the court ruled in favor of ZeniMax, but have not met all the requirements. Oculus and Lucky was found not guilty of stealing secrets ZeniMax, but for the disclosure of information about the headset Oculus ahead of time, they will have to pay.

Total payments will amount to 500 million dollars. Of these, 200 million — the penalty for violating the NDA, 50 million needed to pay for copyright infringement, $ 50 million will pay Oculus and personally Lucky for false testimony and another $ 150 million paid by the former head of Oculus IRIB Brendan (Brendan Iribe).



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