Oculus closes his own Studio to create VR content just two years later after its opening

Company Oculus, in fact, is the ancestor of the VR market in the form in which it is now. Yes, virtual reality helmets existed three decades ago, but the segment of virtual reality had never become so massive as it is now.

However, apparently, even now, the market is not developing as expected its major players. For example, just about two years ago, Oculus opened his own Studio, Story Studio, which began to focus on creating content for VR.

Since that time the Studio has created many short videos, and some of them even received some awards. However, today it became known that Oculus Story Studio closes. Instead, the company intends to focus more on support for third-party produced content. That is Oculus will Fund other creators of content for VR. In particular, the company intends to allocate $ 50 million for financing exclusively non-fiction experimental VR content.

However, it only indicates what the company instead of creating your own products of this kind. But the causes of the failure of the previous plans Oculus calls.



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