October 27, Intel will introduce SSD 900P Optane volume of 240 and 480 GB

Resource GamersNexus shared information obtained from internal documents from Intel. They shed light on the upcoming announcements and some details.

For example, in late October or early November to be announced Silver CPU Pentium and Celeron family of Gemini Lake. This is a budget processor with a TDP of 10 watts, which will be produced in BGA package. Such CPU will be available in a dual-core and Quad-core models. As you know, modern «big» the mobile family of Intel virtually no low-end models of Pentium and Celeron. Because of this, almost all of the inexpensive laptops is based on atomic lines. Now it is Apollo Lake, and soon to replace them will come the CPU Gemini Lake, which should be more productive.

It is also reported that during the first quarter of next year the market will be withdrawn Coffee Lake desktop CPU, including the dual-core models with a TDP of 35 watts. Along with them will be more available sets of system logic Intel 300.

Interesting should be the announcement of the first full-fledged consumer SSD Optane. The model is called 900P and will exist in versions with capacity of 240 and 480 GB. It will present 27 Oct. Unfortunately, the price is still unknown, but the positioning of enthusiasts may say that cheap novelty will not.



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