Oasis Kindle second generation became the first waterproof e-book Amazon

After almost exactly a year and a half since the announcement of the e-book Kindle Oasis first generation Amazon has introduced a successor. The name has not changed, but the improvement is noticeable. Suffice it to say that the Oasis case Kindle second generation protected from water.

According to the creators, the device can withstand immersion to a depth of two meters with a duration of about one hour. Given that waterproof electronic books on the Kindle Oasis will definitely attract the attention of those for whom this criterion is important.

E-book display is bigger (7 inches vs. 6 its predecessor), but the pixel density remains at 300 ppi. Screen E Ink Carta touchscreen and backlit: LEDs now 12, while the Oasis in the Kindle the first generation 10. The backlight brightness is adjustable in the automatic mode with the help of a light sensor.

If Kindle Oasis was the ability to use two battery (one in most e-book, another connected to the cover), the new Kindle Oasis to connect the second battery not provided. The declared autonomy is six weeks when the module is disabled wireless connection and 30 minutes of reading per day. On a full charge from the computer takes about 3 hours, from the network adapter that is not included in the delivery set, 2 hours.

Kindle Oasis is equipped with adapters Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will be offered, and the version with LTE. The device supports audio books Amazon Audible, to listen to which is possible through wireless headphones or the speaker.

Dimensions and weight of new items — 159 x 141 x 3.4-8.3 mm and is 194 grams.

Perhaps most interesting is that with all the improvements the e-book cheaper. If the first generation model was offered at a price of $290, the new Kindle Oasis available in the US from $250. So I ask for the version with 8 GB of internal memory and a demonstration of advertising. The ads will have to pay $20 extra. Model with 32GB of storage cost $280 (with advertising), $300 (without ads) or $350 (with LTE, and no ads). Orders in the USA are being accepted now, and deliveries will begin October 31.

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