Nvidia will bring to market a batch of 300 000 accelerators Mining Card P106-100 for mining cryptocurrency

Recently we published the settings, and «farm» for mining cryptocurrencies, which includes eight accelerators GPU Mining Card P106-100. We also learned that Nvidia partners will be to sell these solutions in retail.

Now in a Network there was a higher quality photo of accelerators Mining Card P106-100.

Judging by the pictures, these are the same cards that are used in the «farm» GPU Mining System, perhaps with other circuit boards.

You can see that they have no rear panel outputs, as well as a fan. This is clearly a device designed specifically for use in blown system.

In addition, the source reports that Nvidia is preparing a 300 000 graphics card Mining Card P106-100. However, it is unclear whether it is specifically about these cards, which obviously do not fall in the free market, or on the total number of models for mining, including card partners of Nvidia.

In any case, 300 000 cards — quite a lot. Although estimated at the moment the mining of Ethereum cryptocurrency over 2 million cards!

It can also be noted that just yesterday was a recorded significant decline in the value of major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.



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