Nvidia Titan Xp Collectors Edition is intended for fans of the Star Wars universe

A few days ago, Nvidia has published a promotional video of some of the graphics accelerator Titan X Collectors Edition. Then it was unclear what kind of device, although the title is pointed out just for the collector’s version.

It turned out that this model is aimed at fans of the Star Wars universe. But we need to clarify that it’s still Titan Xp, that is the most efficient model Nvidia in this class.

The novelty will be available in two versions: the Jedi Order and the Galactic Empire. As seen in the video, they will be of a different color lights. Though for Star Wars fans, of course, the differences are much more serious.

From a technical point of view differences from the original Titan Xp no. Interesting, but there is no difference in price, that is, the device will ask all the same $ 1,200. Pre-order you today, and deliveries will begin on November 17.

Except for registration and other design chiller model features and packaging. She, interestingly, white or black, depending on version. As for the reasons for the release of this card, it is very simple. On the same day, i.e. November 17, will the game Star Wars: Battlefront II.



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