Nvidia showed a version of the Tesla accelerator V100 PCIe, and one of them manages a TDP of 150 watts

Yesterday Nvidia introduced its most complex graphics processor GV100 generation Volta and Tesla accelerator V100 based on it. This accelerator is in the form of module interface NVLink.

But later the head of Nvidia showed a version with PCIe. With two versions, differing in the cooling system and energy consumption. For larger cards WITH dual-slot TDP is the same 300 watts, and for the one shown yesterday of the Tesla module V100.

But the second modification is more interesting. Not only is it more compact, and its cooler takes up only one expansion slot, and a claimed TDP is only 150W. You need to understand that GPU GV100 with its 21 billion transistors, it is hardly possible to force to consume half as much energy, even if significantly lower frequency and voltage. Most likely, this Tesla model V100 has fewer active CUDA cores, although one resource point to the same 5120 active nuclei.

You can also note that both cards are equipped with passive coolers are designed for airflow in server racks.



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