Nvidia reported fourth quarter fiscal year 2017 and the year in General

The company Nvidia on January 29 ended the fourth quarter of 2017 financial year. Yesterday the company published the report for the quarter and fiscal year 2017 in General.

Revenue for the quarter was a record high. More specifically, it amounted to 2.17 billion dollars that on 55% more than in the same period a year ago. Compared to the previous quarter revenue grew by 8%. A record high was the income for the year. He made up 6.91 billion, which is 38% higher than a year ago.

Gross profit in the fourth quarter was 60.0%. In the previous quarter this indicator was equal to 59.0 per cent, a year ago of 56.6%. Net profit in the fourth quarter was equal to $ 655 million. This is 21% more than 542 million dollars achieved in the third quarter, and 216% more than a year ago, equal to $ 207 million.

Gross profit for the year as a whole amounted to 58.8%. A year ago it was equal to 56.1%. Net profit for the year was equal to 1,666 billion. Compared with figure 614 million dollars from the previous annual report saw an increase of 171%.

The company’s management notes the growth in all segments, including the accelerators used for deep learning neural networks.

In the current quarter, the projected income of USD 1.9 billion and gross margin of 59.5%.

Source: Nvidia



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