Nvidia is preparing to introduce the GeForce GT 1030, based on the new GPU

At the moment the range adapters Nvidia generation Pascal presented a variety of models. The youngest are cards GeForce GTX and GTX 1050 Ti 1050, GPU-based GP107. In the first case, it has 640 CUDA cores and the second cores 768.

According to sources, Nvidia may soon release an even more budget-adapter generation Pascal. Supposedly it will be the model GeForce GT 1030 (1030 or GeForce) based on GP108 GPU has 512 CUDA cores. Also it is reported about 1 GB or 2 GB of memory of unknown type.

To expect from such adapter high performance, certainly not worth it, but absolutely useless in the games he will not.

By the way, it should be noted that GeForce GT 1030, if it really will be the first in many years, budget desktop Nvidia card based on new GPU. The last time the company released a new GPU for the desktop cards of this class in the distant 2014. It was GK208 GPU. Although the mobile segment there is a more modern GM108.

Regarding the timing of the emergence of new products, sources say the announcement on may 17. It is worth noting that some call the new GeForce GTX 1030, although such a name is unlikely, but also talk about the 384-512 CUDA cores.



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