Nvidia invests in Chinese developer of self-driving cars

In the framework of the program the Nvidia GPU, Nvidia Ventures invested $ 52 million to the young Chinese company JingChi engaged in the development of self-driving cars.

JingChi company was founded last spring by two leading developers, who previously worked in the relevant division of the company Baidu. In their designs JingChi uses Nvidia and supercomputers Nvidia Drive PX 2.

In June, the company JingChi has successfully conducted the first tests self-driving car on public roads. Funds received from Nvidia will help JingChi to expand their team of developers and to reproach the implementation of the plans that there are to the end of the year to start testing self-driving cars Level 4. This year the company plans to take to the streets of the Chinese cities 50 such machines, and in 2018 to launch self-driving taxi.



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