Nvidia introduced Xavier SoC with GPU generation Volta. But it is intended for the automotive market and will be released only in 2018

Quite unexpectedly today at the event DES 2016, Nvidia introduced a new single-chip system called Xavier. No, SoC is not able to read people’s thoughts, but this is very interesting.

Suffice it to say that this is the first decision, which includes the Volta GPU! That is, in the fall of 2016 Nvidia announces a new product with a graphics core, built on a new architecture, which will be available to consumers only in 2018. Earlier, Nvidia does not. However, it is worth noting that the very SoC Xavier will be on the market in the same year 2018, so we can talk about «paper announcement» and then it is not so surprising.

It is also noteworthy that at this point Nvidia says about the production according to the norms of 16 nm, although in 2018, obviously will be available on 10-nanometer process technology. Perhaps the moment of launch into production the company will reconsider its decision. By the way, Xavier has 7 billion transistors, which is incredibly much for this kind of product. For example, Apple A10 contains 3.3 billion transistors.

The GPU in the new single-chip system contains 512 CUDA cores. We don’t know anything about architecture Volta, so as to predict the level of performance is hardly possible. Nvidia itself says that a new automotive supercomputer based on Xavier 33% higher than the Drive PX 2 in the test SPECint. The configuration of this PC is not yet disclosed, but the photo shows only one single chip system. But in the configuration of the most advanced SoC will include some processors, specially designed to work with the information coming from cameras and auto sensors. That is, the positioning will be similar to Xavier predecessor. The GPU will allow the system to work with video in the format of 8K. As for the CPU, the eight cores of its own design Nvidia.

TDP new supercomputer will be in the range of 20 W, while Drive PX 2 it reaches 80 watts.



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