Nvidia introduced the mobile graphics card GeForce MX150, but greedy for details

As we wrote a couple of days ago, HP introduced the Envy 13 laptop is a new generation that uses the 3D map Nvidia GeForce MX150. Informed about a model we haven’t heard.

Yesterday Nvidia introduced this novelty, although, unfortunately, all parameters are not disclosed. To begin with, says the manufacturer. And he points out that the GeForce MX150 provides a three-fold superiority in performance per watt compared to the GeForce 940MX, although the net performance, according to the chart, have grown far not so much.

Recall, GeForce 940MX based on the GM108 GPU (Maxwell) with 384 CUDA cores. As for new cards, it is known that it uses the GPU of the generation of Pascal, but Nvidia itself doesn’t say what it is. Also indicated is the presence of GDDR5 memory.

Other charts clearly indicate that in the first place MX150 is positioned as a replacement integrated GPU, which can speed up the work when processing photos or videos.

As for games, Nvidia assures that projects such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and World of Tanks will demonstrate at least 60 fps in Full HD resolution.

If we talk about assumptions, then, most likely, GeForce MX150 mobile copy desktop the GeForce GT 1030. Based on GP108 GPU with 384 CUDA cores and has 64-bit memory bus. Given the already present in the Network tests of the new Nvidia desktop, laptops with the GeForce MX150 may be used as a budget gaming solutions. Of course, in that case the manufacturers will be available with such accelerators is low-cost mobile PCs.



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