Nvidia has significantly increased revenue, profit and sales of their products

Nvidia tonight released a report on the first quarter of 2018 fiscal year, which ended for her on April 30.

Revenue for the period amounted to 1,937 billion dollars, which is a considerable 48% higher than the result last year. Operating profit rose to even greater 126%, to 554 million dollars. Net income grew even more: by 144%, to 507 million dollars.

The lion’s share of revenue, Nvidia is, of course, provide sales GPU. This business over the past three months brought the company 1,562 billion, 45% more than a year earlier. Sales of solutions Tegra increased by 108%, to $ 332 million. This is clearly due in part to the successful launch of the Nintendo Switch, which, recall, use SoC Tegra X1.

If we talk about the segments, the game is most important. In particular, in the last quarter, it provided Nvidia 1,027 billion dollars in revenue, which is by 49% more than in the first quarter of the 2017 financial year. Professional boosters provided 205 million dollars of revenue against 189 million a year earlier. Solutions for data centers brought to 409 million dollars, with an increase of 186%. Automobile development has provided $ 140 million in revenue, which is 24% higher than a year earlier.



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