Nvidia has partnered with ASUS and Leadtek in the field of artificial intelligence

According to Chinese publication Economic Daily News, Nvidia holds the Taiwanese hardware makers such as Gigabyte Technology and Leadtek Research, the activities of the Alliance working in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

Now Nvidia is mostly used in games for cryptocurrency mining and in applications of AI. In this application the AI tend to rely on accelerators in the composition of the servers.

Although the supply of GPUs for AI applications, while much smaller than for games, they grow quickly and can soon become dominant.

Gigabyte is working closely with Nvidia in this field, designing and producing servers and motherboards for them. Currently, the appropriate course of action provides 15-20% of the revenue of Acer. It is expected that in 2018, sales will grow by 30%.

Regarding cooperation with the Leadtek, Nvidia used it to promote initiatives Deep Learning Institute (DLI), aims to cultivate specialists in the field of AI.



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