Nvidia has created a modification 1080 Vault for Fallout 4 to show the capabilities of the new graphics cards

Nvidia has often created a beautiful demo to advertise their new graphics cards. But this time she decided to go ahead and develop a Supplement to the popular game Fallout 4. This is probably the first such case in the industry, at least in recent years.

The modification is called Vault 1080 and created by experts of Studio, LightSpeed Studios, which is part of Nvidia. Modification will offer players a new job and much improved graphics, which should demonstrate all the possibilities of accelerators Pascal in action. In particular, talking about technology, HBAO+ (algorithm global shading).

Vault 1080 available for PC today. Quite possibly, the next time Nvidia does develop a small but a separate game that will come bundled with a new graphics card.



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