Nvidia gave support DirectX12 generation graphics cards Fermi

For anybody not a secret that graphics cards of older generations over time, not simply can not cope with modern games, but lose and timely support from the driver.

More interesting to know that Nvidia has decided to give the accelerators of the Fermi generation, the first of which appeared in 2010, with the support of DirectX12.

User forum Guru3D was surprised to find that after the next driver update it is the GeForce GTX 560M has got the support of relevant API. He checked it through the test of 3DMark Time Spy where the adapter is scored 325 points.

Apparently, Nvidia had to add old maps support DirectX12 on the initiative of Microsoft. The fact that the Windows 10 upgrade Creators Update contains the component 2.2 WDDM (Windows Display Driver Model), which requires the support of DirectX12.

Recall the Fermi generation are video card families GeForce GTX 400 and GTX 500.



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