Nvidia along with its partners will release foreign versions of the accelerators Quadro and Titan Xp

Docking stations to create an external graphics card to date is no surprise. Of course, the sale of such devices is definitely a little bit, but they special agiotage do not cause.

Nvidia decided to expand this area and, according to the source, together with its partners, is working to create external accelerators Titan Xp and models Quadro.

That is, they are aimed primarily at developers and content creators, not the players. Of course, no one bothers now to buy the dock and professional graphics accelerator, but many prefer finished branded products. In addition, there is the problem with the appropriate drivers and optimization.

In fact, developing the necessary drivers for the eGPU (external GPU) and is one of the main tasks for Nvidia and partners. Or rather, was, as Nvidia announced that the first products should be on the market in two to three weeks.



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