Now to use a VPN in China you must obtain a special permit

China banned a lot. For example, to test self-driving cars on motorways, mobile games, rumors online and much more.

Also in China there is such an interesting system, as the Golden Shield Project, which the common people call the «Great Chinese firewall». Because his country is not available to certain foreign websites, services and so on. Naturally, as in all other similar cases, to bypass the security through a VPN.

This opportunity will not go away, but now in China it is illegal. More precisely, to use VPN, you must obtain special permission from the appropriate authorities. Of course, in this case the opportunity is not for ordinary users and for organizations. However, the ban also primarily aimed at service providers and their clients, and not ordinary users.

The ban is already in effect and will last until 31 March 2018. Although no one can rule out that it then simply to prolong.


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