Now the Apple smartphones with screens replaced in informal service centres do not lose the guarantee

The source, citing data from internal correspondence Apple reports that cupertina the company went to meet the owners of smartphones iPhone.

It is that from now on the device in which the display was replaced not in the official service centers to keep the warranty. Previously in such cases, the official warranty is automatically canceled. And saved not only the usual one-year warranty, but additional within the service AppleCare.

There is a condition: a problem that the user of such a smartphone may contact the service center Apple doesn’t have to touch the display, which is quite logical. Also there should be no internal damage caused in the process of replacing the screen in the unofficial service center. In case you find such damage, the repairs will still have to pay.

While we only know about the new rules in the U.S. and Canada, but they probably apply to all the other markets where Apple is present officially.



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