Novaled started to build a new headquarters and R & d centre in Dresden

In the Northern part of Dresden, construction began on a new headquarters and R & d centre of the company Novaled, specializing in the development and production of materials for OLED display.

The office building will be transformed into a historical object — the old mill, next to which the building length of 110 m will house laboratories and pilot production clean rooms class ISO5 and ISO7. The total area of the premises, which will be available to employees Novaled is 6160 m2.

Currently Novaled is the only supplier of the alloying materials used in the production of organic displays, but the technology of doping is actually the industry standard. In 2013, the company Novaled was acquired by Samsung. New headquarters and R & d centre in Dresden, Novaled, Samsung invested more than 20 million euros, confirming the interest in further development of this direction of activity.

Source: Novaled



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