Nougat while Android is installed on only 1.2% of all Android devices

Another month passed and Google is, as always, has published statistics on the prevalence of various Android versions.

So, Android Nougat is a total of 1.2% of the market of devices with Android. For comparison, a month ago, the index was equal to 0.7%. The growth is quite decent, but in absolute terms, the share of fresh OS is still very small.

The leader is still Android Lollipop (32,9%), but Android 6.0 is actively coming and it is now established by 30.7%. That is, it is likely that a month later, the most common version will be Marshmallow.

Android KitKat is by 21.9%, which corresponds to a decline of 0.7 percentage points. Several versions under the name Jelly Bean had lost 1.2 percentage points and now has 11.3% of Android devices. Well, at the end of the list are Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread with 1% each.

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