Notebook Acer TravelMate B1 Spin will get Windows 10 S and will cost not $ 190

Yesterday, Microsoft introduced Windows 10’s, promising the appearance of the first mobile PC with this system in the summer at a price of $ 190.

One of the first models is Acer TravelMate B1 Spin. This is a convertible laptop with a margin of safety, which is enhanced in lid, as well as the presence of drainage channels that divert from the keyboard a small amount of liquid.

In fact, in a separate view model does not require, as was announced in January. Of course, then none of what Windows 10’s out of the question, but since this system is a copy of the Windows 10 with some restrictions, manufacturers do not need to create a completely new mobile PC.

Except that if in the last newsletter, it was about the Intel Pentium processor, in this case, it is CPU family Celeron. Also we can hardly expect a version with a HD screen.

The laptop will get 4 GB of RAM, the drive capacity of 64 GB and will cost $ 300. That is among the new Windows 10 S it is not the most affordable model.

Also recall that Acer is the market leader in chromebooks. Given that laptops with Windows 10’s will also be focused primarily on the educational segment, Acer has a chance here to take the lead.



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