Norway first in the world to renounce national broadcasting in the FM band

According to the source, Norway will become the first country in the world that abandons radio broadcast in the FM band. It will happen next week.

This decision was taken by the government due to massive transition to digital broadcasting and the decline in popularity of regular FM stations. In addition, the cost of broadcasting via the DAB network by an order of magnitude lower than the FM network. Meanwhile, this approach has opponents, who argue that the usual broadcasting need like 2 million cars (in Norway), not equipped with digital radios, and for warning of emergency situations.

Moreover, 66% of Norwegians, according to the Dagbladet poll, oppose the termination of broadcasting in FM-band and only 17% voted for the rejection of the old standard.

Despite the fact that Norway will be first and some other European countries had already considered a similar question. For example, Switzerland plans to do the same in 2020, but the UK and Denmark have not yet decided on dates.

The first 11 Jan shut off Bodo. In General, the full transition of the national broadcasting to digital radio (DAB) will be completed before the end of the year.


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