North Korea now has its own streaming video service

The streaming services today are an integral part of most U.S. residents. In the CIS countries the situation is somewhat different, but Netflix came even here.

But there is a country that is not led by such services. And indeed most of the modern blessings of mankind. Talking about North Korea.

According to sources, this country got its own video service. Of course, it has nothing to do with Netflix, since most North Koreans don’t even have Network access. The service launched at the Central TV station, Korea Central Television and distributed via IPTV.

No films of the world there to broadcast will not. Instead, everyone will be able to «enjoy» documentary broadcasts of Big Brother the leadership of the state. Only the people of North Korea will be available five channels. In addition to information about the leaders of the country, there will be channels with English and Russian language. Head of information technology center said that the service is based on «bilateral respect». Supposedly if the viewer wants to watch a documentary film about animals, it sends the corresponding request and service will provide what you want.


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