Nokia has filed lawsuits against Apple in 11 countries, accusing it of violating 40 patents

Nokia claims against Apple in Germany and the United States was followed by similar action in other countries. All in the lawsuits filed in 11 countries, appears 40 patents. Yesterday, the Finnish manufacturer has published a complete list, putting the number of patents, violation of which he accuses Apple of each case.

So, most of the patents, violation of which Nokia accuses Apple are listed in a lawsuit filed in the United States. 18. In Germany, filed three lawsuits in Dusseldorf, Mannheim and Munich. In the first eight named patents, the second four, third two. A lawsuit in Italy is comprised of four patent lawsuits in Finland, great Britain, Sweden and the Netherlands — three. Two patents mentioned in the lawsuit, filed in Japan. One patent contains claims filed in Spain, France and Hong Kong.

In addition, Nokia asked the international trade Commission of the USA with the complaint, claiming that Apple violated eight patents.

Source: Nokia



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