Nokia finally got rid of the brand Withings and introduced several new products

As you know, Nokia last year acquired the company Withings, but last winter decided to liquidate the brand in favor of their own.

Today, the Finnish company confirmed this move with the announcement of several new products under his own brand.

The first novelty — Libra Nokia Body. This is the most affordable smart weighing scale manufacturer, valued at $ 60. The device is able to calculate the body mass index (BMI) and features a Wi-Fi adapter.
Data is automatically sent to a branded app, which is available to advanced statistics.

Nokia BPM+ is a blood pressure monitor, that is the tonometer. This compact device is capable of measuring systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate. Buy a novelty can be for $ 130.

In addition, the company updates its signature app, which is now called Nokia Health Mate. It is a center for various Nokia devices related to health. It gathers information from scales, activity trackers and other devices, lets you view stats, track sleep and so on.



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