Nokia and Apple settled a patent dispute and became partners, Apple has agreed to pay for the use of Nokia’s patents

On the Nokia website published a message, which says that the dispute with Apple is settled and the parties signed a multi-year licensing agreement.

As you know, in December last year, Nokia sued Apple in Europe and the United States, accusing it of violating 32 patents. Soon followed by new lawsuits, so all in all Nokia has filed lawsuits against Apple in 11 countries, and the number of patents appearing in the claims, has reached 40. Note that Apple responded to the claims of Nokia, but not in court, and hastily removing from its stores products of the company Withings, which is owned by Nokia.

Under the terms of signed by Nokia and Apple products Withings will come back in Apple stores. Nokia will to give Apple «some of the products and services related to network infrastructure». In addition, Apple and Nokia will study the possibility of cooperation in the field of «digital health». The parties also agreed on regular meetings of heads.

Although the financial details of the agreement are kept secret, it is known that Nokia will receive an upfront payment and will receive additional payments until the agreement. Payments will start to be reflected in the quarterly reports of Nokia, starting with the current quarter.

Source: Nokia



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