Nokia 3310 (2017) proved to be a surprisingly durable phone

The new Nokia 3310 sample 2017 is considered one of the devices overpriced. Judge for yourself: at a price of $ 55 Nokia 3310 inferior in some characteristics of the phone HTC one Z3310, which costs $ 25.

YouTube did the video, the author is check how reliable is the new Nokia 3310.

The screen of the device not protected by glass, and plastic, which is scratched with a small effect and begins to melt when it is heated by fire. The buttons and the camera lens can also scratch easily, and the Nokia logo on the back panel to dig out letter by letter.

But all the playfulness, which one would think when looking at images of Nokia 3310 (2017), dissipated as soon as the review went on to test the device in bending.

Bend Nokia 3310 (2017) and failed. At some point, the rear cover out of their seats, but quickly fell back when the torture was over. With the screen at the same time did not happen anything.



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