Nissan showed a prototype of a fully Autonomous car and brought it on the road in Tokyo

While many manufacturers only talking about fully Autonomous cars, Nissan quietly introduced to public roads in Tokyo a prototype of such a machine.

The automaker claims that thanks to the ProPilot is a new generation, the car can move completely independently, since the driver of the destination through the navigation system and ending with the arrival at this point.

Artificial intelligence system of the machine uses data from sonar 12, 12 cameras, radars nine and six laser sensors. All this is supplemented with maps of high accuracy.

Importantly, now all these attachments don’t change the car’s appearance. In particular, the pictures show the prototype, based on the Infinity Q50 sedan. From afar, to recognize in this car the prototype of the fully Autonomous car is unlikely.

Unfortunately, the press release is not clear whether the machine is placed on a road only in the framework of the announcement or this is followed by some tests. On the other hand, before the production car three years, so until Nissan clearly has time to spend a huge amount of tests and trials.



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