Nissan offers to solve the problem of smartphone use behind the wheel by means of technology of two centuries ago

The problem of using smartphones behind the wheel every year becomes more acute. If earlier people were just talking while driving, now some people manage behind the wheel to sit in social networks and even watch videos. Naturally, this greatly increases the risk of accident or to create an emergency situation.

However, no effective methods for solving problems that would not violate human rights not yet invented. Nissan offers to solve her very easy. The company showed the technology Nissan Signal Shield, which in fact is a Faraday cage.

According to the principle of the Faraday cage in the car realized the Juke box in the armrest. That is enough to put the smartphone as he loses any connection with the outside world. So, he wasn’t getting alerts, it can not get through, and it means the mobile device will not distract the driver. Of course, you can simply turn off the device, but turning on and off a modern device takes so little time, and in the case of the Nissan Shield the Signal, you simply open the box and get the phone.

But it works only in the case when the user is ready to abandon the smartphone while driving, aware of the danger. And these people often and without Faraday cages ways to delay mobile device and do not touch it without having being in the driver’s seat. In addition, in the case of using the method of Nissan people will not be able to see any important message or make an important call, which in some cases can also lead to undesirable consequences.

Note that the box with the Nissan technology Signal Shield is a prototype. Perhaps in the future it will appear as an option for cars of the Japanese company, but so far the prospects of this development are unknown.



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