Nissan GT-R /C, which is controlled by DualShock 4 controller, a speed of up to 211 km/h

Nissan’s engineers and Sony created the world’s only sports car Nissan GT-R /C, which is controlled by a game controller DualShock 4 for the PlayStation 4.

The project was implemented in celebration of the upcoming release of a new racing simulator Gran Turismo Sport, and 20 years of cooperation, PlayStation and Nissan.

I drove the car on Board the helicopter, GT Academy winner Jan Matebore (Jann Mardenborough), who was able to accelerate up to 211 km/h and average speed of passage of the famous circuit, Silverstone was 122 km/h.

Nissan GT-R /C is equipped with four robots, which are connected to the steering wheel, transmission, accelerator and brake system. Six computers installed in the rear of the machine, process the information and adjust control of 100 times per second. Wireless communication with the vehicle supported at a distance of 1 km. to Jan Explained it was easier to control the car, the helicopter was an LCD display, which displayed the speed of the machine.

In parallel with the pilot action was observed by two operators who could stop the engine and engage the brake system, if anything went according to the unplanned scenario.



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